The Great Stuffing War!

louis-turkey-2 louis-turkeyThis weekend I went to my aunt’s house to celebrate her birthday. As we were there, we started talking about Thanksgiving. We were 14 people talking about how the stuffing is better in the inside of the turkey or the outside of the turkey.

My grandfather eventually started talking about the stuffing being better outside the turkey and my cousin’s uncle started saying that it’s better in the turkey. Then I joined my cousins uncle team because I thought, because the turkey is moist it makes the stuffing better. Finally my grandfather started to talk louder and he spat right in front of my cousin’s aunts face. Then we all laughed and the war began my parents started to join in and at about 7:20 every one was fighting about stuffing being better inside the turkey and some saying that it’s better outside the turkey.

Do you eat stuffing? If so, do you like it inside of the turkey or outside of the turkey?

2 thoughts on “The Great Stuffing War!

  1. Hi Louis Online,
    LOL ! Your grandparents real fun. I can’t believe how messy it was! Continue the funny posts.
    Daisy Online

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