New Animal For Harry Potter?


In the famous book Harry Potter, on the Hogwarts list they say that you are allowed to have a companion if you want and the choices are an owl, a rat, a tarantula, a cat and a toad. But what if we could add a different animal.

If I had to choose, I would pick a ferret. Why did you pick a ferret you wonder? Well I chose it because it has good vision, smell and hearing. The ferret is a speedy animals which means they can go through tubes and pipes quickly. Also they make very cute noises.

Finally, in the second movie and book (WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD) in the chamber of secrets there are a lot of pipes which is where the basilisk is. But if they allowed ferrets the ferret could of went through those pipes and make a noise to warn us about the basilisk. Then the students and teachers would have been prepared for the basilisk.

What animal do you think they should add?

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