Commenting On Blogs!

To make a good comment you need to have good vocabulary and you need your comment to make sense. Your comment also has to have a link back to your blog so that it is not just random writing about other people. It means that if there’s a link back to your blog, if I comment to you, you can comment back.

Now, here are some comments that I have done recently.


 Dear Lola Online,

I like the way you named your bunny Oreo because it is white and black.

My mom used to have bunnies but since then I’ve never had a bunny. It must be fun!

Louis Online


Dear Ashley Online,
I also like candy and my favorite one is the sour rainbow candy like you mentioned.

Sadly i had to get a spacer put into my mouth so i can no longer eat sticky things like candy.

Louis Online


Dear Bernie Online,

I did not know that Bernie meant strong as a bear and bringer of victory.

Also at the beginning of the elections the name Bernie was actually working but it gave out a few moments later.

Louis Online


Dear Pablo Online,
I like how you called it the mandala of gods.

your silkweave looks a lot like a fruit star with wings.

I also like the color you used to make it makes it more godly.

Louis Online


Dear Lebron Online,

I find that it is crazy that it would take 20 million snowballs to make the structure.

I would personally not go to that hotel cause it is minus 5 degrees Celsius and it is already cold here in Canada.

Louis Online

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Student Blog Challenge 2017

Hello everyone ,

This year I will participating in the Student Blog Challenge 2017.

The Student Blog Challenge is a bunch of bloggers commenting on each others’ blogs from around the world.

During this challenge kids from around the globe will be able to learn and understand the celebrations and the society from other countries.

During this world wide event teachers are helping kids to exceed computer skills and also help them surf the world wide web safely and properly.

Finally this event brings bloggers from around the world together to see the differences in between countries. For example, in Mexico they celebrate the Day of the Dead but we celebrate Halloween here in Canada.


Harry Potter And The Muggle Visitor

louis-and-the-slimy-monsterOne day in the Hogwarts’s castle Harry Potter and his two friends Ron Weasly and Hermione Granger were walking in the hallways and spotted a new wizard called Louis.

Yup! I got chosen to go to Hogwarts’s for a couple days! The three friends came over to me and asked if i was the new one and I answered “Yes!”. The four kids continued to walk and talk until we got to the great hall. As we got to the great hall there was a lot of food. If you could think of a buffet,  well this was 10 times the size!

Two weeks later I met a wizard named Snape, Professor Snape. He  looked very strict. As the day went by me and Harry Potter heard a scream coming from the Hogwart’s basement.

At some point we found a door with symbols of Greek mythology and you had to know them to get the door to open. Eventually we figured them all out and the door oppend then we saw Hermionie tied up to the wall and this giant yet muscular slimy lagoon creature and then we saw Ron tied up too!  Suddenly he got close to them and oppend his ugly, smelly mouth to eat them.

Me and Harry Potter ran right to him and started doing spells. I did not know how but I knew Harry did. Finally this ugly, no good monster was taken down by us and we freed Hermione and Ron. We  did get suspended for a week but my time was already up.

Written by: Louis Online


Christmas Nerf War

Every Christmas I and my family invite my uncle, aunt and my two cousins to have a Christmas get together.

When they arrive we talk together at the dining room table, then my dad comes back with food for supper. As the parents talk upstairs and digest their food, me and my cousins prepare a war zone (friendly) to do a Nerf war. I and my 2 cousins grab 3 guns each – a large, a medium and a small. Continue reading

The Great Stuffing War!

louis-turkey-2 louis-turkeyThis weekend I went to my aunt’s house to celebrate her birthday. As we were there, we started talking about Thanksgiving. We were 14 people talking about how the stuffing is better in the inside of the turkey or the outside of the turkey.

My grandfather eventually started talking about the stuffing being better outside the turkey and my cousin’s uncle started saying that it’s better in the turkey. Then I joined my cousins uncle team because I thought, because the turkey is moist it makes the stuffing better. Finally my grandfather started to talk louder and he spat right in front of my cousin’s aunts face. Then we all laughed and the war began my parents started to join in and at about 7:20 every one was fighting about stuffing being better inside the turkey and some saying that it’s better outside the turkey.

Do you eat stuffing? If so, do you like it inside of the turkey or outside of the turkey?


louis-onlineA couple weeks ago I talked about Goosebumps if you haven’t read it go check it out if you want. In the blog post I talk about how I wanted to get one and read it. So I got one called the girl who cried monster

(WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD) The book talks about a girl who annoys her brother by scaring him with made up monsters. Then one night she forgot her rollerblades in the library  and she herd someone whispering in the back of the library and realized that it was the librarian called Mr. Mortman.

Then all of sudden the girl looks in his office and finds him changing shapes into a monster then he puts a fist full of crickets in his mouth.

Finally  she accidently screams super loud and busts through the library doors to get back home. Then I closed my book and stopped reading.


Would you be scared if you saw your town librarian turn into a monster?

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Being Very Special!

harry-poter-louis-onlineIn the famous Harry Potter book, Harry Potter realizes he is popular  because he survived Voldemorts attack and left him a lightning bolt scar now all the kids in Hogwarts are talking about him and I think harry potter feels strange about kids whispering and talking about him and so would I. But what if  you were a kid that people were talking about?

If I had the power to be MORE flexible would I be more popular?

By flexible I mean that I can in a box with my feet over my head. All my life I’ve done some flexible things but I always wanted to do Continue reading

Goosebumps !

louis-onlineI’ve recently read the book called Goosebumps the TV series and its called The Cuckoo Clock of Doom. The book talks about a cuckoo clock that’s cursed.

Now for the main series, the Goosebumps book series talks about scary stories like mummies, eggs from another planet, zombies and much more!  In 2015 they launched a movie about the Goosebumps series. Continue reading